Breithorn Deep Diver

Luxury diving watch from our Ocean collection in a robust beautiful and delicious design. The watch has a robust watch case in stainless steel, as well as a delicious strong quality steel bracelet that makes the watch masculine and smart. The sapphire glass is extra hardy and resistant to scratches in the extremely harsh use that the diver may be exposed to. The watch has a transparent glass back case in sapphire crystal, so you can see the beautiful beautiful automatic mechanical Swiss movement. It is waterproof to a full 500m / 50atm, which means that it can withstand that even the professional diver can get far down to the bottom of the sea. The functional helium safety dive valve allows the diver to equalize pressure, so that the watch withstands the extreme pressure that comes into the depths and into the pressure chamber. Swiss made automatic mechanical watch in high quality, which works by movement or manual winding. The watch's reserve is 48 hours, which means that it keeps the watch running for up to 48 hours, even if you do not have it on hand. Ceramic turntable that is extra hardy. Beautiful green dial with luminescent superlumi hands and markings that shine clearly and long, as well as date display. The beautiful diving watch is both in terms of expression and quality on a par with many of the other exclusive swiss made diving watches, but just at a more affordable price.

Who is Breithorn?

Breithorn Watches is a Danish company whose great passion is exclusive Swiss watches. With close relationships to the Breithorn mountain, as well as a close relationship with a well-established family-owned watch manufacturer in the city of Soluthurn, Breithorn Watches sees the light of day in 2020. Prior to the launch, there is a long and thorough work to design and develop the right luxury watches. all are Swiss Made.